Post-Graduation Feels & My Next Steps...

August 30, 2018


I took my last college classes, graduated, took a little vacation, moved into my new apartment, and now I finally have some time to sit down, reflect, and share part of this roller coaster journey with you all. Making a big transition into this next phase of my life has left me with mixed emotions, but most of all I am so happy that I reached a huge milestone in my journey, and I am excited for what is to come. In this post I share a bit more about my graduation, how I am feeling, and what my next steps are (within reason). Feel free to share this with someone you think might need to read it, or drop me a like or comment. I would love to hear from you!


So, first off, I GRADUATED!! Many coffee-boosted late nights, long study-sessions, last minute homework submissions, stressful periods and much unanticipated group projects later... and I graduated Magna Cum Laude from my Alma Mater Florida International University as a Worlds Ahead Graduate where I was one of three graduating students recognized during my commencement ceremony by the President of my University. In addition, I graduated in the top 10% of graduates in the College of Business, and in the top 10% of my senior class. I look back at all the goals I set for myself coming into college and each year of my undergrad, and at times I did not achieve what I had set out to. But, it was exactly those failures or "almost" achievements that worked as stepping stones to me graduating with such recognition. I truly only have one word for it: FAVOR. God has been so good to me, and although I can look back and celebrate my success, I also remember how much God helped me through it all. At times I did not know how I could balance all I was doing. I really felt pressured. On top of that, I wanted to make my family proud. They sacrificed so much to allow for me to attend college in the United States and one of my biggest "reasons why" was to make them proud. And I did.




Post-graduation thoughts:

I have been posed the question "How are you feeling now that you are done?" quite a few times from other graduates, family, and friends, and it is a question that most graduates are posed. My first thought- relieved. As I previously mentioned, the road to graduating was NOT easy, but it was so worth it. It is a sigh of relief when you achieve something that you work so hard for but one of the mantras I live by is to "enjoy the journey." I believe that you never fully arrive. There is always a new goal to attain or a new milestone to reach. The joy of graduation does not last forever, and I am so glad I enjoyed the journey TO graduating more than the actual destination (although it feels AMAZING to be done). I know of some graduates who are feeling lost or overwhelmed after graduating as they are either unsure of what their next steps are (including what the future will hold), or they have not gotten the jobs/internships they were hoping to get after graduation. This is normal. 

My advice: 

1. Celebrate yourself. You reached a huge milestone that is not achievable for some, so give yourself a pat on the back because your hard work payed off.

2. Stay motivated and keep at it. Maybe you have submitted application after application in search of a job and have not heard anything back yet. IT WILL COME. You've come too far to give up now. It is not too late to seek career advice or guidance from mentors, fellow classmates, family and friends. You will get the job you are hoping for, even if it means you have to go through a few more doors to get there.




My next steps...

Is Cindy staying in the United States, moving back to South Africa, moving out of Miami to a different state, or unsure...?

Well, ladies and gents, a week or two after graduation I received a job offer from a company here in Miami (Look at God), so I will be staying in Miami. It is funny how life & God work- I applied to so many jobs and submitted my resume numerous times, only to land a job that I did not physically submit an application for (funny). I am so excited to start my career, and to start setting new goals for myself to smash!



Friends, the road is never easy but when you keep yourself level-headed with your eyes focused on God, you CAN achieve what people might deem impossible. Set goals for yourself and don't be afraid to fail. We are not defined by our failures but our failures do shape our future success stories. We do not have a way of seeing what the future holds but we can envision ourselves in a better space than we are in right now. Seek constant growth, pursue knowledge, and be the best at whatever it is that you do. Do not dwell on the hardships and difficult times, but rather celebrate life, your small victories, and even your failures. Each day is a new opportunity to be better-you control whether that happens or not.




If you have any questions about my college journey or you need some school/career advice then drop me a comment or message.



Also, read more about my Worlds Ahead Graduate recognition here  & here.



Love & Blessings to you all.














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Post-Graduation Feels & My Next Steps...

August 30, 2018

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